5.x > 6.0 iPod Firmware Update

Some enterprising young hackers have managed to modify the 5.x iPod firmware to replicate the split screen GUI of the new iPod Classic. While the firmware update doesn’t add any extra functionality [ ie. Coverflow, new search, etc ], this was of particular interest to me as I had only just purchased a 80GB 5.5 gen a few weeks prior to Apple releasing the new version1 and I wanted to know if

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Spelliira Updated - Shiira 2.1 Compatibility

Spelliira IconSpelliira has been updated to 0.5.3

Spelliira 0.5.3 creates and makes available, a standard ’Spelling’ menu item from Shiira’s main ‘Edit’ menu. You will now be able to enable or disable the ‘Check Spelling as You Type’ spelling feature as well as the other spelling options from the aforementioned menu [ or via keyboard shortcuts ] as you would expect from any Cocoa application.

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