Spelliira Updated - Shiira 2.1 Compatibility

Spelliira IconSpelliira has been updated to 0.5.3

Spelliira 0.5.3 creates and makes available, a standard ’Spelling’ menu item from Shiira’s main ‘Edit’ menu. You will now be able to enable or disable the ‘Check Spelling as You Type’ spelling feature as well as the other spelling options from the aforementioned menu [ or via keyboard shortcuts ] as you would expect from any Cocoa application.

The application can also restore Shiira to it’s original, spelling menu-less form, should you wish to revert.

Download: Spelliira 0.5.3

The new version is a complete rewrite, is considerably smaller than the previous versions and provides compatibility with Shiira 2.0 and 2.1. It features more robust file checking [ uses md5 ] and patches the original .nib file [ rather than replacing it outright ].

Spelliira 0.5 has been tested and works with the official 2.0 and 2.1 releases and sequential sparkle updates, up to the latest nightly.

Your feedback is very welcome.

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